Optus to outsource Finance and HR jobs

Mohit Sharma, director of Sydney-based niche automation and outsourcing advisory firm Mindfields, said he was a little surprised by Optus' decision to pursue a conventional business process outsourcing approach, rather than looking into advances in automation technology to do the same thing faster and cheaper.

Mindfields is also advising US clients that have offshored to low-cost countries.

A number of organisations, including Australia and New Zealand Banking Group, have begun testing robotic process automation – or RPA – to do the work of employees in fields ranging from payroll administration to helpdesk support and customer service.

Mr Sharma said price reductions with automation ranged from 70 per cent for simple processes to 25 per cent for complex.

"Conventional offshoring is fast becoming obsolete due to the maturity and falling costs of automation," Mr Sharma said.

"We are currently advising our clients on negotiations with their incumbent offshoring vendors and on new offshoring contracts to factor the impact of automation on the pricing. In fact, we have also brought some processes back to onshore, as there is no longer a business case for offshoring and to losing ownership or control of these processes."

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