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RPA Service Providers Landscape

Service providers – drivers, hiring impacts, benefits and RPA maturity

[EXTRACT] Outsourcing service providers are interested in replicating the concept of RPA on multiple project engagements across verticals. The scale and frequency is gradually increasing which has clearly made the early adopters of RPA more confident in spreading their army of robot applications across other functions and processes.

This is directly driving their non-linear revenue growth opportunities. To substantiate this, around 43% of the service providers who participated in our study have witnessed FTE reductions of over 20% as a result of RPA.

FTE impact post RPA implementation

Now, under such circumstances, backed up with increasing pressures of wage inflation and currency fluctuations, BPOs are banking on disruptive technologies that enable them to revamp their existing service delivery models to expand their non-linear growth plans. An RPA enabled solution may not incorporate an FTE-based assumption, but rather go immediately to a transaction-based model. This then opens up outcome-based pricing opportunities on other complex project engagements. This is where RPA has got the entire market excited, especially with the larger Tier I service providers which have global delivery capabilities worldwide.

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