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Mindfields partnered with Uniphore to expand its hyperautomation offerings. Uniphore is a Conversational Automation leader, and Mindfields is using its integrated platform to automate contact centers - from AI-powered chatbots to call analytics. It will assist in enhancing the Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience (EX) of our clients’ captive and outsourced business processes

Why Mindfields has partnered with Uniphore?

Mindfields has strong domain knowledge of hyperautomation and contact centers. Uniphore’s Platform brings comprehensive and integrated offerings in Conversational AI.

Our partnership with Uniphore will enable clients to:

  • Automate contact centers with an integrated solution
  • Onboard and train agents faster
  • Increase retention and productivity of agent
  • Pre-Call, During Call and Post-Call analytics
  • Manage actionable insights from emotional behaviour using video and AI analytics
  • Integrate with existing and conventional RPA platforms and other hyperautomation platforms like Process Mining to optimize investments in existing and emerging technologies

Why Mindfields for Uniphore

  • Mindfields is a leader in Hyperautomation and Contact Centre advisory
  • Mindfields has prebuilt solutions on the Uniphore platform for
    • Onboarding
    • Post-Call Analysis
    • Compliance Management
  • Mindfields is certified partner with Uniphore-trained resources
  • Mindfields provides outcome-based pricing and bundles other components of hyperautomation such as RPA and Process Mining
  • Mindfields’ global presence in Australia, India, Philippines, UK, and US allows for a seamless global delivery model

Increase self-serve adoption rates


Accelerate agent onboarding


Improve productivity


Manage promises


Enhance accuracy


Automate call categorization & summary


Generate customer insights

Case Studies


BNP Paribas Cardif Optimized Customer Buy-In & Conversion for Credit Protection Products

Link text

A global business process outsourcing deploys U-Analyze™ for 100% call monitoring and sentiment analysis

Link text

International Banking Group Automates Compliance and Gains Insight into Every Investor Conversation

Link text

University of Derby Streamlines Admissions Processing WithReal time Process Guidance

Link text

Telefonica Automated Technical Support Using Dynamic Process Guidance Software

Link text

Events - Webinar

How AI Is Defining Next Generation Customer Interactions

Speakers: Adam Spence, ANZ Head, Uniphore
Mohit Sharma, Founder & Exec Chairman, Mindfields

Over the past several years, contact centres have transformed from just being centres of operations/admin/transactional work to being centres of information dissemination for the end customers. This is further going to change to them transforming into profit centers. Mindfields did a webinar with Uniphore where the speakers discussed AI’s expanding role in defining and enhancing customer experience.

How AI Is Defining Next Generation Customer Interactions


On 26th July 2022
4:00 PM




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