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Innovative multi-tier pricing

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Multiple channel support: Web,Email and Chat


What is MindSupport?

MindSupport is an agile and simplified platform which provides onshore, offshore or hybrid support for managing and maintaining all your automation assets including processes, bots and tools. MindSupport comprises of process support, bot support and tool support. Process Support provides a comprehensive support structure for existing automated processes to ensure that your automated operations are running efficiently. Bot Support manages bot optimisation and enhancement. Tool Support addresses tool upgrades and migration support.

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MindSupport Value Proposition


Flexible support package:

With MindSupport, you can select from a wide range of highly flexible support offerings customised to your organisation’s specific requirements and the scale of your automation program. The package is tailored to your required level of support and services to provide a suitable support model for your organisation.


Leverage Mindfields’ extensive implementation experience:

MindSupport leverages Mindfields’ wealth of industry knowledge and expertise. Our support package incorporates RPA best practices and coding standards to ensure the best performance for your bots in production.


Vendor-agnostic approach

MindSupport is aligned with Mindfields’ vendor agnostic methodology ensuring that our support offerings are independent of the tool and process selected.


Innovative multi-tier pricing:

MindSupport offers organisations a range of innovative pricing models allowing them to select the most viable option which aligns with their automation footprint across the organisation.

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Multiple channel support:

MindSupport provides support services across web, email and chat ensuring that clients are able to connect with us using their preferred channel.

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