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At Mindfields, our vision is to enable colleagues, community, and clients to ‘Grow for tomorrow’ by adopting emerging technologies within a responsible and ethical framework. As a valued team member, you will have the opportunity to: 

  • Advise, design, and implement innovative solutions in emerging technologies for marquee global clients
  • Accelerate your expertise through experiential learning 
  • Collaborate as an equal partner in our collective growth and success
  • Thrive in a culture that fosters recognition, innovation, and transparency, supported by a flat organizational structure.

Join us on this exciting journey to shape the future of emerging technologies and work alongside some of the industry’s most talented professionals to advance your career and grow for tomorrow.


Life at Mindfields

Our Values
Be Bold 
Be Bold 

Think differently
than the herd

Learn to Unlearn
Learn to Unlearn

Continuously evolve and adapt to grow

Advance Human Race
Advance Human Race

Enhance human superiority

No bullshit
No bullshit

Be transparent and
talk straight

Stay focused 
Stay focused 

Say no to deviations and
distractions from vision

Exceed expectations
Exceed expectations

Strive for excellence


Innovate to grow, without
clinging to past success

Have fun
Have fun

Celebrate the challenges


At Mindfields, we believe that our team members are our biggest asset, and their well-being is critical to the success of the organization. We understand that a balanced state of well-being can empower them to lead more fulfilling lives and achieve a harmonious work-life equilibrium.

To promote holistic well-being among our team members, we conduct a host of initiatives in three key areas:

  1. Social: We aim to enhance the quality of life and contentment of our team members by fostering positive relationships and social interactions.
  2. Physical and Mental: We take initiatives to bolster individual resilience to enable our team members to navigate life's challenges with poise and strength.
  3. Financial: We provide resources for greater financial security, ensuring our team members feel secure about their future and retirement.

Here’s a detailed overview of these categories, along with an extensive list of initiatives that continue to evolve over time.

Social Well-being 

Social well-being stems from nurturing positive relationships and forging strong social connections within the team and beyond. To this end, we offer the following initiatives for our team members:

  • Celebration of personal milestones 
  • Regular after-work social events, fun activities with peers 
  • Generous paid time off for personal days, sick leaves, parental leave, bereavement leave, and menstrual leave
  • Paid leave for special occasions, such as birthdays
  • Opportunities for volunteer work and community outreach programs through Mindfields Care Day every quarter

Physical & Mental Well-being 

The physical and mental health of our team members is paramount. To support these essential facets of well-being, we offer a broad range of benefits such as:

  • Flexible work arrangements to accommodate personal needs
  • Mindfulness training and programs to promote mental resilience
  • Collective time off annually for rejuvenation

Financial Well-being 

Financial stability is a key component of overall well-being. We offer the following benefits to help our team members build a robust financial foundation for themselves and their families:

  • Competitive compensation that reflects industry standards
  • Performance-based bonuses and incentives to reward exceptional work
  • Talent referral bonus to encourage the recruitment of top talent
  • Comprehensive retirement plans to ensure long-term financial security

What to expect after applying?

We at Mindfields take pride, in our talent. Accordingly, our hiring process is thorough and purposeful. Our purpose is to ensure that we are the right culture fit for you and your desired career path.

Submit Application

Submit Application

This is an opportunity to tell us about yourself. Most positions and programs have rolling deadlines, but it’s best to apply as soon as possible to avoid missing out.



Shortlisted candidates with go through 3 rounds of interviews- HR, technical and business rounds to ascertain your fit for the role and the organization. These may be conducted virtually. Interviews are also an opportunity to find out about us as we believe in 2-way communication.

Job Offer roll-out

Job Offer roll-out

Upon deciding that we are the right fit for each other, a member from the HR team will be in touch to discuss your offer and start date! This will be followed by the required reference checks.

Welcome to Mindfields team!

Welcome to Mindfields team!

Learning and Development

At Mindfields, we take on the responsibility to educate and train our employees with a vision to ‘Grow for Tomorrow’

We encourage and enable our employees at all levels to build all-rounder (overall) capabilities while focusing on their core strengths. We do this through constantly evolving our education and training modules to align with the changing business environment empowering our employees to stay ahead of the curve.


Mindfields strongly promotes a culture of learning and continuous development within the organization and with our clients. We take responsibility to develop and support your career advancement and success enabling you to reach your goals. We place a strong emphasis on hiring individuals with the willingness to ‘Grow for Tomorrow’ through constant self disruption.

Professional Development

Learning and growth are ongoing processes irrespective of your experience and knowledge. We strongly believe in our values of ‘Learn to Unlearn’ through which we promote continuous evolution and growth to adapt to change. Within the professional development space, you will be completing various courses handpicked to ensure your success at Mindfields and in the professional world.

We periodically engage professionals to train and educate our people on the best practices, cultural values, and social standards across the globe.


Our training modules are designed to cater to your specific job role and area of specialisation. Our innovative culture approach, allows our team to receive theoretical, practical, and technical training on various different tools and applications available in the market. You will receive on-the-job training to allow you to smoothen the transition from theory to practice and enable you to ‘Exceed Expectation.'

Online Learning

Mindfields provides access to online portals with 24/7 access to more than 10,000 different courses for you to pick from. Our team identifies the relevant courses to meet your specific goals, vision, and areas of specialisation. Employees are also encouraged to pick up courses valuable to their likes and dislikes outside of work.

External Study

We encourage and support our employees to identify courses and training modules outside of our existing training plan that align with their professional development.

Beyond Training

Our MindFactory program enables our employees to ‘Be Bold’ and think outside the box. It is built to bring out the entrepreneurial spirit within to team and encourage them to realize their innovative vision for the company while reaping the benefits of it.

Our ‘Minds’ Speak

At Mindfields, the challenging work environment and supportive leadership encourage team members to grow and develop professionally.

Nikita photo 1

Nikita Makin

HR Associate

Mindfields has been very supportive throughout my tenure here. I have always had a very clear view of my work expectations. The company’s culture encourages open dialogue, and everyone is keen to listen to new ideas.


Ramandeep Singh

Developer, Products

Mindfields has a positive and inspiring work culture with several learning opportunities, exciting projects and talented team members.


Chimayi Prakash

Senior Associate, Delivery

Working at Mindfeilds has allowed me to continuously develop my skills and bring new ideas to the table. I enjoy collaborating with a diverse group of talented individuals to solve challenging problems and drive impactful results.


Sahil Passi

Senior Consultant, Delivery 

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