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End to end automation management solution


Easy to configure, centralized and scalable cloud-based platform

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Track tangible and intangible benefits


Business case and benefit realisation tracking


One-click executive dashboards with analytics


Integration with leading RPA tools like AA, UiPath and Blue Prism



MindEzy is Mindfields’ integrated cloud-based automation platform that defines and embeds the best practice in managing and scaling the automation footprint in your organisation. MindEzy leverages our proprietary methodology to help manage, optimise and accelerate your automation journey from process ideation to production.

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Easy to configure, centralised and scalable cloud-based platform:

Centralised cloud-based platform that provides a “single source of truth” for tracking all high-level and granular details on your automation program. The simple web-based interface requires no client-side installation and can be easily configured to meet your unique requirements. The platform is highly customisable and scalable to add additional capabilities and features in future.

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Business case and benefit realisation tracking:

The platform facilitates auto-generation of a business case for all your identified automation opportunities. Leveraging MindEzy, you can measure and track the benefits and ROI of your automation assets as you progress and scale up your program across the organisation. The benefits realisation tracker compares the actual value realised against the target net benefit value over a 5-year period thereby enabling your organisation to evaluate the success of your automation program.

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One-click executive dashboards with analytics:

MindEzy offers a unique set of dashboards and report views to the organisation’s executive team on the automation pipeline, progress, benefits realisation and digital workforce performance, among others thereby facilitating decisions at speed. In addition to the executive team, the rich visualisations are highly customisable to the needs of each user, irrespective of their role or level within the organisation. Furthermore, the platform allows users to generate accurate reporting for your automation management and governance board meetings – all at the click of a button. It thereby eliminates the numerous hours spent on preparing comprehensive management presentations and reports moving forward.

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Integration with leading automation tools:

MindEzy provides managers with an actionable view on the actual versus the agreed targets. The highly customisable analytics feature is designed to allow managers to measure the operational cost savings and monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of the bots – attributable to the seamless integration with leading automation tools. The platform integrates with the market leading automation tools such as Automation Anywhere, UiPath and BluePrism. This integration enables reporting of the bots’ performance including the total processing time, successful runs and exceptions among others. It thereby offers great visibility and flexibility in actively tracking the progress of the automation program at any given time.

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