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Posted: 4 Jun 2014

Big Data and Analytics sourcing strategies

By Mohit Sharma

Big Data and Data Analytics are constantly impacting and changing the business models.

Data Analytics and outsourcing (onshore/offshore) goes hand with hand as organisations find it difficult to find, attract and retain resources with contemporary skill sets such as Data Scientists with multidisciplinary experience.

It might be the optimal strategy to outsource (onshore/offshore) to vendor (Strategic Partner) from day one.

"Which" data analytics vendors have "What" capabilities, from "where" they will serve you and "how" to engage with them, "what" should be a optimal "Target Operating Model" and "why" they should be selected.

All these key questions has been addressed in this Guest Column which has been published in the Australian Financial Review. It can be downloaded from here and can be viewed online here. 

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