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How and Why we should embrace artificial intelligence

I feel sorry for the management of Blockbuster as I pass through this store in my neighbourhood. I have personal memories with this store. I grew here, from the kids section to romantic to the forbidden section of adult movies.

There might be many reasons behind the demise of Blockbuster. I would focus on one in particular i.e. the absence of Blockbuster's management vision, values and adoption of emerging technologies. Emerging technologies cannot be objectively defined. Its definition evolves with time, take for instance smartphone technologies 5 yrs back and now.  Same reason holds true for Yahoo and conventional cab services for their loss to their forward looking competitors i.e Google and Uber respectively.  The same reason might be a life changer for your organisation at business level and you at an individual level.

What is AI?

AI is an emerging technology. The definition of Artificial intelligence (AI) is evolving. In simple terms, it is machine's ability to mimic human behaviour, such as intelligence, with self-learning capability. Apple has acquired Emotient and VocalIQ which can capture human facial expression and voice. As mentioned earlier, the definition of AI is evolving.....we have identified 5 major components of the definition of  AI which are mentioned in the following picture.

Components of AI.jpg

Why do we need to embrace AI?

Please read my column published in Australian Financial Review on this "Why".

Here is the link .

How can we embrace AI as businesses and individuals?

AI would be a major differentiator on how we do business and on how we interact socially. With the introduction of AI, a range of mundane tasks as well as high end decision making can be delegated so the human brain can focus on "value added" decision making.

 Examples of the application of AI In different business verticals :

Application of AI in different verticals

At an individual level

Personal applications of AI

 How Mindfields is helping clients....

  • We identify/ map business processes and service offerings that can be enhanced by embedding AI.
  • We have done an extensive research on AI covering leading organisations based in Australia, UK and US . 
  • We advice and assist leading organisations on their AI journey.Mindfields is a niche advisory firm with a global network and presence, having offices in Sydney, Melbourne, New York and Mumbai.

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