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Posted: 22 Aug 2017

In the Media: "Robotic process automation on demand as consultants get disrupted"

By Mindfields Global


Mindfields was recently covered in the media by The Australian Financial Review (AFR) regarding their stance on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) disrupting the consulting industry. The article heavily features the opinions of Mindfield's Managing Director Mohit Sharma, while comparing and contrasting his experience to that of his lesser-known industry peers. This feature article appeared in both print media and online on Tuesday 22nd August, 2017.

Written by Paul Smith, the author comments on the significant influence Mohit Sharma and Mindfields have on Australia's RPA industry: 

Paul Smith (Circle).png"Few people have done more to advance the case for RPA in Australia than Sydney-based Mohit Sharma, who saw the looming shift to automation years ago and made the transition at his company Mindfields from being an adviser in offshore outsourcing to an expert in setting up organisations for automation.  
His leap ahead of the curve has seen him  winning clients in numerous countries and he has performed  work on early RPA strategies at ANZ, Canadian banking giant CIBC, ING Direct, Rabobank, Rio Tinto, Broadspecturum and Pepper Money. 
Now he intends to package up the lessons he has learnt into a product that works similarly to software as a service, in that it offers guidance and execution for automating business processes, charged by the process."

Benefits of RPA on Demand

Robotic process automation (RPA) provides many benefits when incorporated into organizational processes and workflows. This technology is disrupting the way automation consultants work and has become a game changer in the consulting industry.
Automation consultants have been searching for innovative ways to enhance their operations and deliver exceptional value to their clients. Now, they are utilizing automation to increase efficiency and accuracy. RPA on Demand allows these experts to quickly adapt to customer needs, expand their services, and achieve results that exceed expectations.
One of the key advantages of RPA on Demand is its flexibility. Consultants can effortlessly tailor automation processes to suit the specific requirements of each client, ensuring a customized and highly efficient approach. This adaptability not only enhances client satisfaction but also saves valuable time and resources.
Furthermore, Robotic process automation consulting reduces the margin for error to almost zero, enhancing data accuracy and compliance. This, in turn, translates into cost savings and risk mitigation. By automating repetitive, rule-based tasks, consultants can redirect their focus toward strategic initiatives, decision-making, and client relationship management.
Thus, RPA on Demand is revolutionizing the way automation consultants operate. It offers a competitive edge by delivering flexibility, accuracy, and efficiency, making it an indispensable tool for those in the consulting industry. Embracing RPA ensures that consultants can meet client demands in a rapidly changing landscape, ultimately driving success and growth in their businesses.

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