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Posted: 21 Aug 2017

Introducing Automation as a Service

By Mindfields Global


Automation as a Service (AaaS) is set to disrupt the tech and professional services industry by democratising robotic process automation (RPA). Our one stop solution is available at a fixed price per process and is designed to make RPA more accessible to organisations. AaaS is based on our numerous successful clients implementations worldwide. 

 What is Automation as a Service?

Automation as a Service (AaaS) packages research, education, consulting and execution under a fixed price per process model. Our bundling of RPA services offers clients better value; streamlined delivery and peace of mind. The following video explains the AaaS offering in more detail.

 WHAT IS INCLUDED IN OUR automation as a service (AAAS) PACKAGE

 Research Icon.png
  • Robotics Process Automation Report 
  • Artificial Intelligence Report
  • 400+ Use Cases across various sectors
 Education Icon.png
  • Intermediate RPA Training
  • RPA Advanced Training
  • Business Analyst Training
  • Infrastructure
  • CoE Setup
  • CXO Level Workshop
 Consulting Icon.png
  • Customised RPA Workshop 
  • RPA High Level Process Scan 
  • Deep Dive Assessment 
  • Automation Enablement
  • Customised Board Paper 
  • MindPrice App
  • Contract Negotiation
Execution Icon.png 
  • Scope requirements for RPA
  • Design, build, test and deploy RPA 
  • OCM (Organizational Change Management) for RPA
  • Define Infrastructure setup required for RPA 
  • Risk Management & Compliance 
  • Maintenance and support

Mohit circle.png“Businesses can now think about the outcomes they are seeking, rather than getting bogged down in the technology specifications and cost of initiating the RPA journey.”

- Mohit Sharma, Managing Director, Mindfields


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