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Posted: 1 Jun 2014

"MODI-fying" outsourcing strategies in new India

By Mohit Sharma

Recent elections results in India would impact outsourcing strategies of the global organisation in medium to long term. It is predicted to have positive impact on Socio-economic structure which would have dramatic impact on cost structure of doing business or running operations in India.

Some key questions have risen: 

  • How it will impact business case for outsourcing to India and other Geographies?
  • How can your organisation proactively optimise the benefits from this historic win of Narendra Modi?
  • What are the issues new regime in India will face?
  • How this win for right wing BJP would redefine outsourcing strategies?
  • What are the opportunities for your organisation?

Most of these key questions has been addressed in this Guest Column which has been published in the Australian Financial Review. It can be downloaded by clicking here or can viewed online at clicking here.

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