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Posted: 28 Jun 2016

Uberization of the Big 4: What, Why & How? | Mindfields

By Mohit Sharma

The Big 4s need to evolve from being a polished "bodyshopper" to an IP based business model. My views have been covered in today's Australian Financial Review on the same.

"Big 4" term would be obsolete in short to medium term. 

What it means......

  • Uber revolutionised the concept of sharing and ownership of assets 
  • Leading Technology firms are sharing their knowledge base assets (eg: IBM Watson) with small, medium and big  consulting firms with low pricing models
  • No big per use for access to these latest knowledge base assets

Why is it happening......

  • In next 12 months the  Big 4 might not be big anymore as they would be forced to a "non-headcount" based business model. Cost of human capital is going up and cost of technology is dramatically coming down
  • Secondly, there would be more than 4 firms as small and medium consulting firms would emerge to compete with them to take away their market share. 
  • Easy accessibility of advance technology (AI, Automation, Machine learning) will eliminate and create new differentiators. 
  • Size does not matter anymore. Small players such as Uber captured market share from big cab organisations by optimally  leveraging technology with ease of use for consumers.

Uberisation and disruption of the consulting model is inevitable

How Mindfields is helping clients....

  • We identify business processes and service offerings  which can be automated and accordingly priced (please see sample of processes below)
  • We have done an extensive research on Robotics and Process Automation covering leading organisations based in Australia, UK and US.
  • We are a niche outsourcing and automation advisory firm with a global network and presence. Our office locations include Sydney, Melbourne, New York and Mumbai.
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