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What is COT (Code Optimization Tool)?

COT is the first vendor-agnostic RPA code optimization tool. It is an important step within any delivery framework. The objective of COT is to standardize the automation solution and benchmark the coding structure in alignment with industry and coding best practices.

Product Vision

Code optimization is the most frequently used process to validate the design and development of automation solutions. It assists users to maintain consistency between design and implementation “styles” across many team members and various automation projects. 

Who is the product for?



COT is a customizable product which help organization standardize RPA code structure & induce best practices in its developers



COT would provide a summary view including scoring of code quality, ensuring reliability & optimal deployment


Development Team

The tool assists developers to ensure they are meeting coding best practices and that Bots deployed to production are efficient, secure, and robust

COT Value Proposition

It ensures that each code being reviewed complies with the same industry best practices across five major categories - Readability, Configurability, Performance, Reliability, and Security. The categories cumulatively contain 54 rules for the UiPath version and 47 rules for the Automation Anywhere version. This sets a high benchmark and ensures consistent quality of code.

Standardization of Code Optimisation Process

It helps ensure code quality and increases efficiency in bot development. In addition, it can help teams maintain coding standards and ensure consistency in the codebase. This can lead to improved maintainability and easier onboarding for new team members.

Automation of QA

It takes COT minutes to review a code as compared to hours for traditional peer reviews.

Customization of Rules

COT gives you the option to activate/deactivate rules based on your preferences.

Secured Cloud or On-Premises version

COT is installed and operated from your in-house computing infrastructure. No need to send the scripts to us.

Upload Multiple Files

COT accepts a zip file containing multiple files in project-like folder structures on both the On-Premises version and the Secured Cloud version of the app.

Platform Compatibility

Currently this tool can be used for review of codes developed using UiPath or Automation Anywhere platforms.


Download COT to optimize your Bots

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