Eric Cheng

Eric Cheng

Digital Architect, Komatsu


Eric Cheng is an experienced technology leader, with over 15 years of diverse experience in aligning digital strategy with business objectives. He has extensive experience in mentoring and leading teams across various domains, including cloud architectures, web and mobile applications, process automation, artificial intelligence, and DevSecOps.

Demonstrating a compassionate leadership approach and a growth-oriented mindset, Eric cultivates high-performing, diverse, and inclusive teams. Trusted as an advisor in complex environments, he is adept at introducing and scaling transformational technologies, implementing best practices, and achieving operational excellence.


At the Mindfields Automation Summit (MAS) 2023, Eric Cheng, Digital Architect at Komatsu, shared insights on doing better with less in the digital era and Komatsu's Hyperautomation journey. Below are the key takeaways from the session.

  • Technology adoption is not just about the technology itself but also about people and processes. Organizations need to take a holistic approach to maximize the benefits of technology.
  • Komatsu's hyper automation journey began in 2018 with a focus on automating manual processes. It evolved into intelligent process automation and API-led automation, marking a shift from tactical to strategic.
  • In 2022, Komatsu recognized the need for agility and decentralized technology innovation. They launched a citizen development program to empower business users to solve their own problems sustainably and securely.
  • Rethink productivity to include opportunities for employee-level improvements, empowering business users to solve personal productivity problems, and aligning IT and business for responsible use of technology.
  • Focus on value creation rather than just hours saved by automation. This includes improving employee experience, career growth opportunities, and aligning technology with business objectives.
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