Mindfields believes in being open and honest, which is why we share our recruitment process with all candidates. Our thorough hiring process helps to ensure that you are suited to the advertised role and that Mindfields is the right match for you.  View our hiring process below to discover what happens during recruitment and what to expect. 

What Happens

Review Applications

  • Access all applications for advertised role
  • Shortlist candidates for initial screening 
  In most circumstances a member of the recruitment team will be in contact within 7 days of receiving your application. In periods of high volumes this may take longer.

Initial Screening


Interview with a member of the hiring team to assess:

  • Employment history
  • Business/Technical experience
  • Soft skills
  • Role & Salary expectations
  • Reasons for leaving previous/current employment
  • Work rights
  • Notice Period
  • Why candidate wants to work for Mindfields

After the evaluation and shortlisting of candidates


Psychometric Testing

  Based on the role you may be required to complete either psychometric or skills based tests or case study. This process can take up to 2 hours.   Upon successful completion of the initial screening.

1st Stage Interview


Interview with Business Domain / Technical team to assess:

  • Business Domain / Technical knowledge
  • Soft Skills
  • Behavioural attributes
For international candidates we conduct interviews via video (live and pre-recorded), video calling or phone. We may ask to complete Business / Technical assignments at our offices (if required)

Conducted as soon as practically possible, dependent on the technical team and candidate's availability.


2nd Stage Interview


Interview with Senior Management to assess:

  • Role-specific Business/technical knowledge
  • Industry-specific knowledge
  • Organization expectations
  • Aspirations
  • Cultural fit

For international candidates we conduct interviews via video (live and pre-recorded), video calling or phone. 

   Upon successful completion of the 1st Stage Interview.

HR Discussion


Following the interview process if we wish to provide the candidate with a formal employment offer,  Human Resources will contact the candidate to confirm:

  • Remuneration
  • Start Date
  Upon successful completion of the 2nd Stage Interview.
Reference Checks  

Pre-employment checks are conducted following successful completion of the interview process and HR discussion regarding an employment offer. These include employment references and work rights checking via DIBP.

  Upon successful completion of Interview Process with approval and consent from the applicant

Offer Letter


Following pre-employment screening and offer approval:

  • A verbal offer will be made by a member of the Human Resources teeam.
  • A written offer will be emailed to the candidate after obtaining all required reference and background checks.
  Once offer has been approved by senior management.