Phil Barlow

Director Partner Technology & CTO, Global Partner Solutions, Microsoft ANZ


Phil Barlow leads technology teams and technology strategy within the Microsoft Global Partner Solutions organisation across Australia and New Zealand. In his role he is responsible for building technology partnerships in the region which enable customers to rapidly adopt and extract value from innovation across Azure Cloud, Data & AI, Security, Modern Workplace and Business Applications solution domains.


At the Mindfields Automation Summit (MAS) 2023, Phil Barlow, Director Partner Technology at Microsoft ANZ, delved into the transformative role of AI in amplifying productivity. Below are the key takeaways from the session.

  • The potential economic growth in Australia by 2030 through generative AI is estimated to be between $45 billion and $115 billion, with 70% of this growth driven by productivity gains.
  • Microsoft's investment in AI technology, including chat GPT and GitHub co-pilot, demonstrates a commitment to shaping the future of work assistance and coding.
  • Microsoft's co-pilot technology, like GitHub co-pilot, aims to empower users with AI-driven assistance, boosting productivity across various platforms.
  • The Azure open AI service ensures data privacy, security, and isolation, providing confidence in AI output and enabling secure data usage.
  • Content safety is a top priority, with Microsoft examining user inputs and AI-generated outputs for harmful or inappropriate content, aiming to build trust in technology.
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