At Mindfields, we take on the responsibility to educate and train our employees with a vision to ‘Grow for Tomorrow’

We encourage and enable our employees at all levels to build all-rounder (overall) capabilities while focusing on their core strengths. We do this through constantly evolving our education and training modules to align with the changing business environment empowering our employees to stay ahead of the curve.

Professional Development

Learning and growth are an ongoing process irrespective of your experience and knowledge. We strongly believe in our values of ‘Learn to Unlearn’ through which we promote continuous evolution and growth to adapt to change. Within the professional development space, you will be completing various courses handpicked to ensure your success at Mindfields and in the professional world.

We periodically engage professionals to train and educate our people on the best practices, cultural values and social standards across the globe.

  • Our training modules are designed to cater to your specific job role and area of specialization.
  • Our vendor agnostic approach, allows our team to receive theoretical, practical and technical training on various different tools and applications available in the market.
  • You will receive on the job training to allow you to smoothen the transition from theory to practice and enable you to ‘Exceed Expectations’.
Online Learning
  • Mindfields provides access to an online learning portal with 24/7 access to more than 10,000 different courses for you to pick from.
  • Our team identifies the relevant courses to meet your specific goals, vision and areas of specialization.
  • Employees are also encouraged to pick up courses valuable to their likes and dislikes outside of work
External Study

We encourage and support our employees to identify courses and training modules outside of our existing training plan that align with their professional development.

Beyond Training

Our MindFactory program enables our employees to ‘Be Bold’ and think outside the box. It is built to bring out the entrepreneurial spirit within to team and encourage them to realize their innovative vision for the company while reaping the benefits of it.

Mindfactory infographics

Mindfields strongly promotes a culture of learning and continuous development within the organization and with our clients. We take responsibility to develop and support your career advancement and success enabling you to reach your goals. We place a strong emphasis on hiring individuals with the willingness to ‘Grow for Tomorrow’ through constant self disruption.