UiPath Boardroom Meeting

24 January, 2019
Mindfields - UiPath Roundtable, Melbourne


Melbourne, Australia

Exclusive boardroom discussion with UiPath Founder and CEO on the Future of Automation and AI

Hosted by:
Mindfields Global

Daniel Dines -  Founder & CEO, UiPath
Mohit Sharma - Managing Director, Mindfields

Ui Path Roundtable - Mohit & Daniel

About the Event:
This exclusive boardroom meeting brought together a select group of industry colleagues to discuss the Future of Automation and AI.

The year 2018 saw rapid development in Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. Automation technologies progressed from executing iterative tasks to augmenting and significantly enhancing the human workforce capabilities. The digital worker (robot) will continue to progress and scale new heights in 2019. This exclusive close-door event with Daniel Dines, CEO & Founder of UiPath, explored what future holds for Automation in 2019 and beyond.

- Welcome and Intelligent Automation Landscape overview in 2019- by Mohit Sharma, Managing Director, Mindfields (10 mins)
- Key Trends and the Future of Automation by Daniel Dines, CEO & Founder, UiPath (30 Mins)
- Wrap up and Thank you by Sukalp Sharma, CEO, Mindfields Australia (10 mins)
- Q&A (20 Mins)
- Networking (20 Mins)