MindSupportAutomation support simplified

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Customised support package

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Benefit from Mindfields’ wealth of RPA expertise

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Vendor-agnostic tool and process support

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Highly flexible use-as-you-go pricing model

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Multiple channels for support: Web,Email and Chat


MindSupport – Automation Support Simplified

MindSupport is Mindfields’ cloud-based helpdesk platform encompassing a wide range of customisable support services for managing and maintaining existing Automation assets in your organisation including processes, bots and tools as well as any Mindfields’ packaged offerings procured by your organisation.

It is designed to enable organisations to optimally manage, monitor and simplify their automation assets as they scale up their automation program by leveraging our industry-leading expertise in developing, maintaining and supporting Automation assets.

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The High level Roadmap of MindSupport rollout

  • 1 MindSupport is procured by the client
    The client procures MindSupport. A questionnaire is shared with the client to gather insights on key aspects of the organisation’s current automation program and requirements.
  • 2 An initial assessment and due diligence is conducted
    Since each organization has its own unique circumstances, our product offering is tailored to your organisation. Our helpdesk team will work closely with the identified stakeholders to understand the automation spectrum at your organisation including the current bot performance, process documentation and associated artefacts to develop a custom helpdesk model.
  • 3 The helpdesk offerings are identified and recommended
    Based on our assessment, our team will work collaboratively with your organization to select the fitting helpdesk services including the level of support for your unique requirements.
  • 4 A custom MindSupport support model is defined
    MindSupport is customised to your automation program including the Service Level Agreement (SLA) and associated pricing structure.
  • 5 MindSupport services commence
    MindSupport is operational at your organisation. Our helpdesk team will provide ongoing support to your automation program and work closely with your team to resolve the challenges identified as you progress in your automation journey.