FIND THE RIGHT RPA TOOL FOR YOUR ORganisation requirements

Selecting the right RPA tool can be a complex process.

Our RPA tool evaluation and comparison offering is based on a comprehensive model with following sections (more than 120 parameters in total) based on standard or customized weightage: 

  • Corporate Profile 
  • Functional 
  • Technical (including security and technology roadmap)
  • Process (functionality and type of process i.e standard or customized)
  • Training 
  • Support
  • Commercials 

You will receive an indepth analysis of each of the aforementioned high-level sections. The aforementioned parameters are constantly updated. 

*We offer tool comparisons as a part of our AaaS package as well as a stand alone service.  

Please Note: This offer is only available to buy-side organisations. This information costs $1,000 per tool requested for the standard comparison. An experienced consultant will be in touch with you post the form submission to understand your requirements.