Automation of Interaction Analytics Webinar

Webinar: Automation of Interaction Analytics

Organisations across the globe realise that a wealth of insight is locked within recorded customer interactions, and many are looking toward Interaction Analytics to unleash it. The greater understanding that can come from analysis of conversations can lead to delivery of a better customer experience in a much more efficient way.

However, understanding itself provides no inherent benefit – gains are only realised by changing people’s behaviour, product offerings or organisational processes. Automation is key to what drives the insight into operation and action.

Join us as we demonstrate how automation can drive insight from analytics into meaningful business results.

 In this webinar we discuss: 

  1. What is Interaction Analytics?
  2. Why we need to automate Interaction Analytics?
  3. How to automate Interaction Analytics?
  4. What are use cases of Interaction Analytics?
  5. Case studies