Rapid RPA Lessons and Business Cases

"Lessons learned and a business case for Rapid RPA"

About the webinar

Most buy side organisations are either struggling to achieve the key objectives of their RPA initiatives in short to medium term, or are waiting to see concrete examples of success before proceeding.

How can the organisations just starting out on their RPA journey reap the benefits of wisdom from experienced executives who have already made their RPA strides rapidily?

Some of the challenges for new starters on RPA journey are as follows:

  • How to set realistic expectations of an RPA initiative?
  • What should be the components of business case for a Rapid RPA?
  • Do we need to do a Proof of Concept first?
  • What should be key considerations for selecting a RPA software?
  • How to do a Rapid RPA by managing internal and external dynamics?

In this webinar you will hear from a successful early adopter who can provide answers on:

  • What are lessons learned from a Rapid RPA?
  • How is the business case structure?
  • How can it be implemented across the organisation?