Setting up the Centre of Excellence for RPA Webinar

Webinar : Setting up the Centre of Excellence for RPA

About the webinar

Most buy-side organisations are eager to know more about setting up of Centre of Excellence (CoE) for RPA.  

In this webinar, you will hear from a successful early adopter of RPA with experience of setting up the CoE for a leading global bank. We will also be addressing the challenges faced by client organisations which are in their initial or intermediate stages of the RPA journey, on this topic.

Some of the questions covered are mentioned below:

  • What is an ideal definition of a CoE for RPA?
  • What should be the components of a CoE?
  • Should it be centralised or decentralised?
  • What should be the key considerations for setting up a CoE?
  • Who should own and sponsor the CoE?
  • Should already outsourced/offshored process have a different CoE structure?
  • When is the optimal time to set up a COE?

Please email us at if you have more questions that you would like us to address in this webinar.