Mohit Sharma

Founder & Executive Chairman, Mindfields


Mohit has over 20 years of experience working in Strategy, Corporate Finance, and Risk Management Solutions for Deloitte, PwC, and EY. Mohit has authored and published one of the first and most comprehensive research on Robotics and Process Automation. Mohit provides advisory services to leading global financial and non-financial organization in US, Australia, Middle East, UK, and India on their journey for Automation and Artificial Intelligence. Mohit loves cricket and food, in that order.


Mohit Sharma, Founder & Exec Chairman of Mindfields, welcomes the attendees of Mindfields Automation Summit (MAS) 2023. MAS 2023 was the summit's fourth edition in the past five years. Below are the key takeaways from his address.

  • This is the fifth edition of our Mindfields Origin Summit. Hon. Minister Ed Husic was a keynote speaker at our first event in Sydney in 2018.
  • Last year's topic in Perth, responsible automation within the ethical AI framework, was well-received in the market. Many clients are following the framework we designed. 
  • In the digital era, clients are investing significantly in Automation and AI, eight times more over the last eight years. However, productivity growth remains low. 
  • Minister is also actively promoting Automation and AI, deploying the National Reconstruction Fund for Enterprise usage.