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Posted: 19 Feb 2019

Mindfields ranked #2 among 29 global service providers

By Mohit Sharma

For those of you who have dealt with myself and Mindfields over the last few years, you will know that we take a special pride in the fact that we punch above our weight.

The global nature of technology development means we have been able to become an influential player in the fast growing (and increasingly influential) robotic process automation (RPA) market, from our small, but growing base in Sydney.

While we are also growing into new markets such as United States, Middle East and Japan it remains a thrill for us to be recognised from far afield for the work we are conducting on the ground with forward-thinking clients.

Firstly it gives me an excuse to write to all of you and tell you about it, but secondly (and much more importantly) it shows us that our strategy of focusing religiously on our individual clients’ needs is paying off.

So I’m delighted to report that global specialist RPA research firm HFS has named Mindfields as the second best RPA firm in the world according to their metric of “voice of customer.”

This ranks companies based on what their customers say about them, and the HFS report is the result of comprehensive assessments. I’m sure you can understand why everyone at Mindfields is so happy about this, and keen to share the news.

The study looked at all of the professional services giants, as well as some incredibly well-known global tech players … so for our reputation for customer satisfaction to be strong enough to get us so close to the top of the list is a hugely important thing for us.

For us there could not be a more important category in any study or awards than one which reflects what clients are thinking about us.

It is as clear a recognition of our client-centric view as we could wish for. A company like Mindfields does not have the incumbent and rusted on client base of our much larger rivals, so we only succeed if we exceed our clients’ expectations.

So (as well as letting you all know about it) I wanted to take the opportunity to thank our many clients past, present and future …  we learn and grow through our dealings with all of you.

It is very nice for us to hear through the HFS report that you are also saying nice things about us to other people, because that is the kind of relationship we have been striving to achieve since Mindfields was founded.

Aside from the report we have also tried to speak with clients about their experiences working with Mindfields, as I believe that is very valuable for other companies who have yet to make as many strides in RPA.

Here, for example, are some clients including ANZ Bank and ING discussing the work we have done together.  

I particularly like the words of ANZ’s automation program director Yann-Walter Dunlop:

 Embarking on an Automation project of this scale is not an easy journey; Many have failed along the way. You need to make sure that you not only select the right tools, but you also select the right partner to be successful. We wanted someone who had a wealth of experience in deploying Automation programs. So, we picked Mindfields as a key partner for us.”  

Thank you for being part of Mindfields’ growth and I look forward to working with many more organisations in the years ahead, because the automation story is just getting started.

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Mohit Sharma

Mohit Sharma

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