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Posted: 15 Dec 2016

Top 9 key takeaways from the webinar on Rapid RPA

By Mohit Sharma

Our Rapid RPA webinar focused on lessons learned and how to build a business case for robotic process automation (RPA). Overall, we received an overwhelming response with participants across the globe:

  • 84% participants were from US who took part at 1900hrs EST
  • 5 polls-87.5% response
  • Average time spent by participants-51 minutes

Top 9 key takeaways from Rapid RPA WEBINAR

  1. FFF- First Fail Fast
  2. LAD- Learn Adapt Deliver
  3. How not to work with outsourcing 'partners'?
  4. How to work with outsourcing 'partners'?
  5. Take all the hype of RPA and halve it
  6. Spend time to inform and educate people on RPA – simplify it – remove the “Robo-Language”.
  7. Process documentation will be lacking and knowledge lost as people move on
  8. Business don’t necessarily understand data structure that well – test what they tell you
  9. People will feel threatened – be open, honest and supportive

We had 5 polls during the webinar, including:

What are your drivers for Rapid RPA implementation?
What was the biggest hurdle in your RPA journey?

We received more than 78 questions before the webinar. I am just sharing some of them- you need to watch the recorded webinar to get answer to most of 78 questions.

  1. What processes are well suited for Rapid RPA and what are not?
  2. How ‘rapid’ should a Rapid RPA be? Please provide examples of processes you have ‘rapidly’ automated and Why? 
  3. What role would you see a consulting firm would play in Rapid RPA?
  4. What did not you know when you started that you wish you would had?
  5. How do you get offshore providers to do RPA? How owns the benefits? 
  6. What are your views on treatment of Setup and scripting costs for Rapid RPA in business case? 

Many t
hanks to Leanne (Lee) Ward for sharing her Rapid RPA journey experiences.

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