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Posted: 6 Dec 2017

Press Release: New app automates outsourcing consulting … for free.

By Mindfields Global

SYDNEY, NSW: Automation and artificial intelligence specialists Mindfields has launched a revolutionary app, which will change the way businesses assess potential outsourcing or automation initiatives, removing consultants’ fees altogether from the equation.

MindPrice is a free app, available on all major mobile platforms, which enables businesses to assess and compare outsourcing costs for various processes. The app also enables its users to assess the automation potential of these processes with the ability to access ove 400+ RPA Use Cases. Until now, large consulting firms have charged significant fees for market intelligence on outsourcing options, which severely limited labour and knowledge arbitrage solutions available to their clients.

Mindfields is disrupting itself and the market by offering the MindPrice app at no cost in recognition that the labour arbitrage model is outdated and that businesses have the potential to add more value using more innovative ways in the automation age.  The comparison app empowers businesses to make smarter, faster and reliable decisions.

Using Mindfields' proprietary machine learning-based algorithm, MindPrice offers numerous benefits, including the ability to:

  • Access valuable insights on service provider pricing around the world based on different geographical locations, skill requirements, experience level, service provider type and services.
  • View the maturity level of automation for your desired process
  • Receive access to browse an extensive library of RPA use cases of relevant processes across various verticals.

“Labour and knowledge-based arbitrage models are becoming obsolete, with CXOs demanding man-machine driven arbitrage. Costs are now being driven by meaningful human interactions (MHI) with machines.” 

Mindfields MD, and outsourcing and automation thought leader, Mohit Sharma commented “Automation has disrupted the traditional outsourcing model and naturally CXOs are seeking the next drivers for cost rationalisation. MindPrice satisfies this need as it delivers Mindfields' own consulting offering for free. CXOs now have access to a wide range of arbitrage options without having to pay the exuberant fees charged by larger consulting firms.”

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